What strategic foresight can tell you about the future?

While no one can predict the future, strategic foresight allows us to study of the future for trends and issues, and leverage those insights to create brand development plans for the emerging landscape. It is about understanding upcoming external changes in relation to internal capabilities and drivers. It enables a stronger longevity, impact and a focus on company strategy, development and transformative change.

”The future happens very slowly and then all at once.”

Is a great line from futurist, technology media pioneer and author Kevin Kelly. We have seen the painful change of traditional media when the companies and people working there were not ready for the digital transformation. The same thing happened within the music industry because organisations were not prepared for the new ways of consuming their beloved product.

Today, various cities in Europe and in the world are planning to operate their transport systems with autonomous cars. Also several companies are already testing autonomous technology in trucks. You no longer have to ask when the driverless cars are reality. Tesla hopes to enable full self-driving car by the end of 2019. The world’s first self-driving taxis arrived in Singapore already over one and half years ago.

Now the real questions are; when robotic cars will arrive into our country? What the impact will be on our country’s business, industry, employment, or personal lives? And so – how do we prepare for that? What else do we need to know about the future? So, should it be ”business-as-usual” until we get there?

Disruption is inevitable in all industries.

Now you have to decide on which side of the table you are going to sit in. While many companies are trying to solve their problems with technology, its overall exploitation and the utilization of human strengths within the company will be enhanced through future thinking and strategic foresight.

Organizations should harness the human capital of their organization, the imagination and skills of each employee to support and create a strategy. They should develop real competitiveness and the ability to create a more agile, more secure and networked business. As a business that directs itself through changes and is prepared for future challenges and transformation.

Strategic Foresight is a set of skills and tools used to explore potential futures, sothat you can plan for and take advantage of them. Due to yourself and your business, be prepared before it’s too late.

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash